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IoT World '17 in review

Catchy was at IoT World in Santa Clara last week, eager to hear speakers from Amazon, Ericsson and iRobot.

  The IoT market is still fragmented, but the energy behind it is huge. As we explored the conference and listened to the talks, a few common themes emerged. Read More
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Developer Economics Q3 2017 survey

We are excited to announce that the Developer Economics Q3 2017 survey, run by our friends at VisionMobile, has just been launched!

This is the 13th developer survey, focusing on tools, training and career development. Every year more than 40,000 developers around the world participate in this survey, so this is a chance to be part of something big and make your own contribution to the developer community. Read More

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Crossing the Chasm: Prepare Your Smart Home Platform For Mass-Market Adoption

In my last blog post, I discussed how enhanced network routers could be the solution to smart home IoT fragmentation. The concept of a converged, easy to use network hardware hub offers significant benefits to both consumer and developers. Tomorrow’s Wi-Fi router could take center stage in the battle over who wins in the connected home.

Today, we’ll take a brief look at the history of IoT convergence and investigate how an emerging wave of smart devices, capable of fostering a mainstream developer community, look set to dramatically accelerate IoT adoption in the home. What does this convergence mean for developers looking to exploit the smart home space, or for associated developer programs looking to bring new developers to their platform? Read More
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A foot in the door of the smart home: IoT home hubs

The internet of things (IoT) is a rapidly growing area of interest for large corporations and developers.

We want to share some insight we've gained during research into the area, specifically into the smart home IoT market. Something has to connect the connected home, and that something is usually a hub or router. I think that home hub will become an increasingly important part of the smart home, particularly in terms of developers adopting a company’s IoT technology stack. Read More



Google Play Indie Games Contest Europe - the final event at Saatchi Gallery

To celebrate the art and creativity of indie mobile game development, Google launched the first edition of the Google Play Indie Games Contest in Europe.

Developers from 15 countries were invited to submit their games to the contest, and Catchy helped Google Play promote it and review the submissions. The overwhelming response led to almost 1,000 submissions for Catchy and the Google Play team to review based on four criteria: innovation, fun, design excellence and technical & production quality. Read More



Developer Program Trends for 2017

In 2017 almost  every company with a developer facing product has a Developer Program.

These dedicated programs consist of tactics designed to help developers use your software platform, tools, API and services. Some companies run their programs with a one person sub-team, others are multi-million dollar dedicated units with hundreds of people. No matter, the challenges they face are similar. Common hurdles include creating awareness in the developer community, getting the developer to take action once they’re aware, creating power users, securing enough internal funding for the program, and keeping developers engaged and active will all be high on the list of objectives for any developer program manager in 2017. So, what are the trends in developer program management which will help solve those challenges? Here are our thoughts: Read More



Community or Enterprise? An Open Question.

At OSCON in London last week I was reminded of the challenges facing commercial companies who present themselves as Open Source.

Many companies drive the adoption of their technology with a free Community edition- it’s the on-boarding point for the vast majority of developers. But they alsoRead More




Return on Developer Investment

Return on Developer Investment.

You would think that with billions of dollars spent every year on building tools for developers, running hackathons, loyalty programs, tutorials and how-to’s, evangelist and MVP programs – the platform leaders would have figured it all out. Yet, with so much money being spentRead More




Data transformation: Stick and carrot

This week I joined Microsoft and Gold Partner, Automated Intelligence at the Art of the Possible event.  Having spent a month inviting key players in both private and public sectors, I was keen offer further support and hear more about exactly what is possible in the world ofRead More

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@devrel: a Summit with a Slack Integration

Ever heard the term DevRel and wondered what the heck it meant? In our line of work at Catchy we are all about building stronger developer relations so when the DevRel Summit was coming to Seattle, I had to attend. From start to finish the summit was wellRead More

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Five Tips to Secure Buy-in for Your Developer Program

How to Secure Internal Buy-in for Your Developer Program

Technology firms increasingly depend upon third-party developers to turn their software and hardware tools into products that can be enjoyed by end users. It’s one thing to build a killer piece of technology, but it’s a different challenge altogetherRead More




ARTIK makes a splash in London

I headed back to London again for the second time last week, for a different kind of event: an intimate 30-person workshop aimed directly at IoT developers hosted by our good friends at Samsung ARTIK.

Dan Gross, Wei Xiao, Shan Hu and Josue Bustos came all the way from the… Read More