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Can Amazon redefine the free app?

Today Amazon announced the arrival of its new app called Underground, which is all about how you can download more apps. At first glance, an app about other apps ain't all that exciting. But here's the thing: Underground isn't just an app. It's an entirely new payment model for developers and publishers, and this is what gets us excited.

But let's back up a step and review what Underground is offering to consumers first. Our excitement will make more sense after we get that out of the way. Read More




Uber drives loyalty with 4th annual ice cream social

Uber knows a thing or two about how to keep customers happy. And not just by being an on-demand car service that is making the taxi industry squirm with jealousy. The provide referral codes that you can share with friends and you can earn promotional codes for free rides of your own. And of course, there’s the annual “ice cream social” where Uber comes to you with a trunk full of frozen treats.

Uber just held its fourth annual ice cream giveaway (well, not all of it was free) at the end of July, and you can see from the response the company had on Twitter that most people loved it. The event this year dished out a variety of ice cream treats in 250 cities around the world. Read More