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BlackBerry launches BB10, today!

BlackBerry officially launches its new show-stopper OS, BlackBerry 10.

With the aim to drag its legacy systems into the 21st Century, RIM, the makers of BlackBerry are betting big that their new offering will win the hearts and minds of their current 79 million active users as well as users… Read More




New Year Resolutions? Help is literally at hand

According to Forbes, the top 5 New Year’s Resolutions for 2013 are as follows;

1. Go on a diet

2. Stop Smoking

3. Get more exercise

4. Lose 20 pounds

5. Break a personal habit


How many of us have promised that we will do one,… Read More




What does the New Year hold for mobile?

FAs we wave goodbye to 2012, which brought us 4G, Windows (Phone) 8, numerous patent battles, a taller iPhone and smaller iPad (not to mention Gangnam style), 2013 looks set to make a big splash in the mobile world.

Forbes has made 10 predictions for the mobile industry in… Read More