Experts in developer program management,
marketing and insight

  • End-to-end developer solutions
  • Developer outreach program creation and maintenance
  • API and SDK marketing
  • Evangelist network set up and management
  • Data-driven industry segmentation and reporting
  • Comprehensive logistical support

Developer Program Management

Catchy provides expert end-to-end developer program services, whether you need a program created from scratch, or would like a comprehensive review of your current developer activities and offering. From our analysis of current programs in the developer space, we understand what works well in keeping developers engaged and an active part of your tech community.

  • We set up evangelist networks, either as an in-house or third party initiative. We identify your platform’s top developers, then give them the tools they need to become champions of their community so they can share firsthand with other developers what it’s like to work with your technology. Developer evangelists can help connect your business to the wider developer community via local meetup groups, webinars, or by delivering keynote addresses at both branded and third party developer events.
  • We create and maintain databases of developer contacts for you, by organising your current contacts, refining our own list of over 300,000 developer contacts to meet your needs, or by researching a target segment to find the developers who will be most interested in your technology.
  • We analyse and troubleshoot your developer pipeline to identify and fix any issues. Perhaps your current database includes developers who have registered with you but have never ported an app to your platform or used your API/SDK. We’ll find the bottleneck in your developer journey and accelerate more developers through it to help you hit your targets.
  • We create and run Loyalty Schemes and Rewards Programs for you. Incentive-based programs are key in engaging your developers and ensuring loyalty to your brand and technology. We manage motivational tool creation, set-up and logistical matters. We take care of designing challenges and quizzes, handling technical queries, and delivering both virtual and physical prizes and rewards worldwide.
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Developer Marketing and Outreach

How do you find developers relevant to your business? Once you’ve got developers on board, how do you keep them engaged with your technology? Catchy uses a variety of developer marketing campaigns to drive acquisition, activation and retention.

  • We create customised telephone and email outreach campaigns. We are experts in identifying the segments of developers most relevant to your business and we create diverse outreach campaigns in order to drive awareness of the benefits of working with your technology. We have a dedicated outreach team, and we conduct one-to-one conversations to onboard developers to your ecosystem.
  • We actively market your SDKs and APIs, sourcing developers who are interesting in porting their apps to new platforms and are keen to use the latest technology.
  • We can help you host events such as information sessions, local meet-ups or larger-scale activities to help you find and retain the right developers for your business. We can also help drive attendees to your next planned event through a combination of telephone outreach, email marketing, social media and PR activity.
  • We manage your business-to-developer relationship to ensure retention. Not only do we source new developers for you, we encourage your current developers to remain engaged in your platform through personalized, long-term email and phone-based contact. We work hard to keep your developers hooked on your brand, and help them to become active participants in your community and spokespeople for your technology.

Developer Program Intelligence

Because Catchy is at the forefront of the business-to-developer marketing space, we are active in helping to establish best practices in the industry. We conduct data-driven research and competitor analysis, and we stay abreast of the latest technological advances and changes to the mobile space.

  • We write customized reports for our clients and share white papers on developer programs, API program management and mobile technology. Reports are tailored to your own internal needs, whether you prefer a simple overview of your activities, or an in-depth PowerPoint presentation that you can show your stakeholders.
  • We analyze your existing developer profile and segmentation, then provide consultation on your strategy and explore how you can become more competitive. One of the ways we can do this is to identify your top-performing developers by analyzing APIs in top apps and developer tools. We use this data to inform your target strategy and enhance your current program.
  • We identify your key competitors and research their current offerings. Information about competitors’ incentives for developers or how they manage their programs and events is invaluable for devising or reassessing your own strategy. We’ll make sure you’re informed before you reposition your brand competitively in the developer marketing space.
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Developer Program Logistics

We want our clients’ developer program implementation and execution to be as smooth and hassle-free as possible. We offer developer contact management and first-line support services, device seeding program management, global reward procurement and distribution logistics.

  • We manage all background administration and logistics for your developer program so you don’t have to. This means we handle everything from fulfillment and inventory of both virtual and physical rewards (phones, test devices and more), to contracts or NDAs with new partners.
  • We create and deliver regular reports on all logistics activities so that you’re always aware, but never bogged down with administration, inventory or shipping. Easily see a cost-benefit analysis on shipping and supplying, or simply find out what your incentive program’s most popular reward is. You’ll be able to make better decisions as you grow your incentives offer.


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About Us

Catchy was founded in 2010 to help large companies in particular make sense of the burgeoning developer space – a sector which has quickly become crowded with various technologies and platforms competing to win the attention of developers.

We were the first agency of our kind, and have quickly established a solid reputation, taking on clients such as Microsoft, Nokia, Amazon and Samsung. Now with a global team of over 20 tech evangelists, developer program experts, marketing analysts and project managers, Catchy is leading the way in developer and API program management internationally.

The Catchy Management Team

Richard Hurring photo

Richard Hurring

CEO and Founder

After starting his own company at the age of 19 and selling it within five years, Richard began a long term career with Vodafone, growing with the company from 1989 through the mass adoption of mobile.


Branching out into agency life, he became Managing Director of mobile marketing agency Marvellous, driving the successful acquisition by Aegis PLC in 2008. When he noticed a gap in the industry for developer marketing, Richard combined his entrepreneurial experience with his knowledge of how both larger corporations and smaller agencies think, to found Catchy in 2010. Deeply involved in all aspects of Catchy’s end-to-end management, Richard has spoken at numerous events including the Mobile World Congress, and is one of the cutting-edge influencers in the global developer marketing sector.
Jason Hilton photo

Jason Hilton

General Manager (US)

With over 10 years experience in the agency world, Jason spent nearly five years as Co-founder and COO of WDFA Marketing – an advertising agency in San Francisco with revenue topping $17 million in 2009.


He was instrumental in growing the agency from two to 55 people across three offices in San Francisco, Los Angeles and New York City. Throughout the growth of that firm, and in his previous experience as a consultant, he has worn the hats of Account Manager, Account Director, Program Director, GM, and Co-Founder. As Catchy’s US General Manager, he oversees all US business, growth and client relationships. He is based at the Catchy offices in the heart of Seattle’s Pioneer Square district.
Tom Williams photo

Tom Williams

Head of Client Services

Tom comes to Catchy with a solid background in both corporate in-house and agency-side digital development. After managing copy and usability testing at, he launched Amazon Publishing in the UK and managed Amazon’s UK Kindle content delivery.


Tom moved on to manage Lenovo’s EMEA e-commerce account at Digital River before coming to Catchy in March, 2014. As Head of Client Services, he manages new and existing client relationships in addition to managing Catchy’s business development in Europe.

Contact Us

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