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What We Do

Coder Image We specialize in marketing to developers, a rapidly emerging sector known as Business to Developer (B2D) marketing.
Coder Image We help create, build and engage your developer community, whether you’re wrestling with your existing community of thousands or just starting out with the release of your first API.
Coder Image Wherever you are in the cycle – strategy creation, campaign delivery and management, or analyzing results and data, Catchy gets results.

Catchy Supports Large Scale Developer Communities

Contacted over 500k developers in the past year
Analyzes millions of app data points every month
Delivered over 100 campaigns and projects in the past 12 months
Worked on multiple app platforms in almost 100 markets in 6 languages

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Catchy offers a comprehensive range of effective B2D marketing tools
highly tailored to the developer ecosystem, including:


Catchy Strategy

  • Developer journey mapping
  • Pipeline pinch points
  • Target developer identification
  • Trending app identification
  • App parity analysis


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Catchy Delivery


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Catchy Insight

  • Data cleansing
  • Survey execution and analysis
  • Unified database creation
  • Event evaluation
  • Emerging Developer Identification


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Example Services

Developer Journey Mapping

As leaders in B2D marketing, we can answer the following questions about your developers:

  • Why do they want to work with you?
  • Where do they come from?
  • How do your competitors work with them?
  • What do they need to move along your pipeline?
  • Where do they get stuck in your pipeline?
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Catchy Pipeline Acceleration

Pipeline Acceleration

Many programs end up with developers bunching at particular points in the journey. You’ve got them to sign up but then you don’t hear from them, or they’ve downloaded your SDK but not implemented it.

Catchy Pipeline Acceleration will unblock this and get developers moving again. We can even help you build and identify a target list of developers if you don’t have that yet.

We will design a campaign and deliver it through our Developer Outreach Centre.

Event Support

Getting the right developers to your event is vital to its success.

Events Plus is a bookend service where Catchy supports you before and after your event. Upfront we can help with target attendee identification and recruitment.

Post event, we will contact and survey all attendees but also follow up with them to track actions and next steps. We can then work out an ROI for your event.

And if you need help planning and managing your event on the day we can do that too.


Catchy - Getting Value From Data

Getting Value From Data

Catchy will analyse your database so you can identify your most valuable and active developers. Or we can track trending apps for you and attract these developers to your ecosystem.

Catchy is expert in understanding and interpreting developer survey results. Besides creating a fantastic results deck, Catchy will deliver actionable sets of recommendations from the survey.

Developer Outreach Centre

Catchy Developer Outreach

Catchy runs a dedicated Developer Outreach Centre.Staffed by knowledgeable and experienced developer marketing professionals
who manage campaigns using multiple contact channels.

Outbound and inbound telemarketing, tele-evangelism, email, digital and social media.

Typical Monthly Numbers for the Catchy Developer Outreach Centre:

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Catchy works at enterprise scale with some
demanding but wonderful clients

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Nokia details terms and policy alterations with Microsoft acquisition

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Coders can now add comments to files via their phones

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Microsoft offers early download of Windows Phone 8.1

Microsoft offers early download of Windows Phone 8.1

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Developers Get Involved

We are always on the hunt for talented developers to engage with. If you’re an app developer or publisher looking to expand your business, you may wish to join our EveryDev database of freelancers, so that we can let you know about exciting new projects and opportunities. We work with a wide range of clients, from big names like Amazon and Nokia to small local businesses developing their very first app. Sign up below to find out more about working with us.

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